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Punishment for driving without a license in th UAE for expatriates

Traffic laws in the United Arab Emirates, like all laws of the Emirates, are strict and binding. It aims to protect people’s lives and control the traffic system, and imposed a deterrent penalty for driving without a license in the UAE.

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Let us learn together about the penalty for driving without a license for expatriates in the Emirates.First, you should know that you cannot drive in the Emirates without an Emirati driving license, even if you have a driving license in your country, or any country you come from. You must re-obtain a driving license from the Emirates in accordance with the conditions stipulated in the UAE Traffic Law, and it has conditions.

        His age must be appropriate for the vehicle he desires. By issuing a license

        Medical fitness.

        Pass the practical and theoretical driving test in Emirates, unless one of the nationalities excluded from that.

Therefore, after obtaining residency in the Emirates, the expatriate will be subject to the laws of the United Arab Emirates, and the Emirati traffic law will apply to him.

What penalty applies to him if he drives his car without a license?

The penalty for driving a vehicle without a license in the Emirates, or driving a vehicle that your license does not entitle you to drive, is imprisonment for a period not exceeding three months, and a fine of not less than five thousand UAE dirhams, or one of these two penalties.

What is the penalty for driving training without a license?

Those who wish to obtain a driving license in the Emirates are required to obtain specific training hours from a licensed driving instructor, in preparation for taking the driving exam, and the driving instructor must be licensed. UAE law has punished anyone who conducts training on driving vehicles without a license, with a penalty of imprisonment for a period not exceeding One month, and a fine of two hundred to five hundred dirhams, or one of these two penalties.

Is it allowed to drive in the Emirates with a license issued outside the Emirates?

The Traffic Law in the Emirates allows driving with a foreign license according to the following conditions set by the Ministry of Interior: Emirati, which is:

        Being in the Emirates for a purpose other than residence.

        Vehicle type: light vehicle, or bicycle.

        The driver must hold a valid international driving license.

        The driver’s driving license must be issued by one of the excluded countries by decision of the Minister of Interior

Is a driver who holds a foreign license punished in the Emirates and does not meet the conditions: Permissibility;

Yes, of course, he will be punished with a violation worth 400 dirhams He will also be punished if the license he has is not suitable for the vehicle he is driving.It also scores 12 points

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