Team Information

Abdel Raouf Saleh

Senior Legal Consultant Litigation

He has practised as a lawyer in the Arab Republic of Egypt from 1993 to 2003 and then moved to UAE and started working as a Legal Advisor to Al-Karani Group of Institutions in Abu Dhabi, from 2004-2006. Thereafter he joined Overseas Debts as Director of Legal Department and handled the debt collection across the emirates from 2007 -2020 where he successfully collected the debt amounts by amicable means, without letting the clients to resort to the court of law. Mr. Abdel Rauf is currently working as the Senior Legal Advisor at FHS since 2020 where he is handling all kinds of cases including civil, corporate, and criminal. With his excellent skills in drafting memorandums for first instance court or for the appellate court , he always tries to get the best outcome for his clients. He is also well versed in drafting commercial, civil, investment and other contracts and also provide necessary business advisory services to start ups and institutions desire to set up their business in UAE.

  • 099 - 563 369 58