Team Information

Mohamed Redalla

Associate Court

Mr. Mohamed Redalla is an Egyptian lawyer with 8 years of experience. Currently he is the Legal Advisor and Litigation Associate at FHS. He is specialized in civil law, criminal law, commercial law, real estate law, and all UAE court procedures of various cases including that of the Dubai Court, Abu Dhabi Court, Federal Courts, Ras Al Khaimah Court), Public Prosecution, Police Stations, Mr. Mahmoud is experienced in dealing with lawsuits in terms of investigations from all sides, referrals, announcements, and the opening of the appeal file, the “cassation” appeal, and the implementation. He also have relevant experience in reviewing and attending court sessions and following up with court’s procedures in terms of investigations, decisions, requests, implementations of all kinds, appeals, appeals, judicial committees, real estate and civil committees, announcements, warnings, and excellent comprehensive knowledge of the system for the location of the court (Dubai – Public Prosecution – Abu Dhabi – Rentals – Federal) from submitting applications, registering cases of all kinds, following up on sessions, decisions, etc., and registered in Dubai Courts, in addition to writing notes on labor cases, family cases, and rental issues. He helps in notarizing all kinds of contracts in UAE. Mr. Mahmoud is highly skilled in facilitating clients’ affairs and persevering in following up on their cases.

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