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Finance and banking sector:

Finance and banking sector is the country's pulse, the engine of economics, companies and individuals. FHS Advocates & Legal Consultants is proud of its distinguished team of experts and banking consultants specializing in finance and banking sector, with long experience in providing counselling, whether for local or international banks, financing companies, organizations and sovereign agencies, in the private sector or the bodies operating in the country.

Our legal team experience goes beyond the limits of the place, and it is characterized by that it includes other countries such as: the United States of America, Britain, India, Switzerland ... and others, the counselling offered by legal consultants includes all banking and financial issues such as financial organization, developing products and financial transactions cross- borders, structured financing, financial restructuring. Our firm provides its services through the most skilled banking consultants, who are distinguished by extensive experience in financial matters and loans, where we are keen to provide financial consultations to borrowers, and to the sponsors regarding the structure, negotiation, and documentation of financial transactions (whether traditional or Islamic) in addition to giving advice and guidance in governances. Financial and banking transactions can be smooth and comfortable if you obtain and direct experts consulting and directing them, so trust us and we will put all our experiences in your hands and harness them to serve you.

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