Intellectual Property

Through our superiority and long standing experience, we protect the right of your creative ideas and products.

The protection of intellectual property is one of the issues that requires familiarity with its laws accurately, and our legal advisors are committed to protecting your products from abuse, exploitation, or attempts to imitate and reproduce, as well as protecting everything that is issued by a creator or the right of an author of artistic and literary works or of the creator of Patent and Trademarks And others by providing appropriate consultations to you, and resorting to the judiciary to obtain and protect your rights.

Patents are the most common type of intellectual property.

This right protects your intellectual property from unauthorized sale or imitation of the original patent owner's invention. However, the patent owner has the right to monetize his patent or to grant any third party a license to use it.

A trademark is a type of intellectual property in the form of a symbol, text, phrase, and sound that is easily recognizable by people.

Copyright is often seen in books, and this right protects all tangible creations such as: books, art, music, and painting.

Trade secrets are a form of intellectual property that is kept strictly by companies. Consists of tip, formulas, strategies etc.

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