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Protection of rights and a deep understanding of cases

We practice law with humanity, understand the privacy and sensitivity of each case, so we study the cases of our clients and the circumstances surrounding it, keeping in mind the rights of our parties and the ways to protect it.

We also work on family businesses on precise legal foundations where we put binding agreements that protect the family’s assets from internal and external risks, we draft and register agreements that pave the way for family branches and succession of generations to companies in business.

In addition to that, we also excel in structuring, investments, reducing and managing risks, legal consequences, and liabilities, developing family agreements and trust contracts that allow the company to continue operating in an orderly manner in the future.

Because we are keen on family relations, we work hard to create successful practical frameworks to adjudicate cases and disputes, without prejudice to family members' relationship, so that we formulate a clear path in the company’s documents, based on Islamic Sharia and inheritance rules in common law, preparing wills for non-Muslims, which guarantees the rights of all family members and protects them from conflicts and disputes.

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