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Employment and Labor Law in the UAE

The relationship between the Employer and the employee is considered one of the most important relations in the UAE law, which accordingly has enacted laws and legislation that guarantee a sound relationship between the Employer and the Employer, whether in the private or semi government or government sectors.

We want our clients to carry out their work without facing any labor issues at workplace and for that FHS has brought together the best legal advisors in Abu Dhabi with excellent experience in labor law in the UAE and across the world, to support the stability of labor relations in all work environments and locations.

Our consultants have significant capabilities to negotiate and implement reasonable and fair agreements that meet our client's needs.

Our law firm is trusted and point of contact between the boards of directors of local, regional and international companies. Through our consultants, you can obtain specialized legal advice in relation to labor law, including:

- Drafting employment contracts, internal policies, employee handbook, non-compete and non-disclosure agreements.
- Handling employment and post-employment issues.
- Taking actions against unfair labor practices.
- Crisis management
- Checking the Audits, document reviews and necessary investigations.
- Restructuring, outsourcing, joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions

At FHS our lawyers, stay updated with the labor laws amendments that govern the public and private sectors, inside or outside the free zones, to provide the best and latest solutions to labor law issues.

No, terminating the employment of any employee without a valid reason is arbitrary, unfair and against the law.   The following are other types of dismissals. arbitrary:
-        Dismissal due to poor performance
-        Forced resignation.
-        Downgrading the job post

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