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Mergers and Acquisition Experts

FHS's Mergers and Acquisitions lawyers provide their excellent services to distinguished international companies as well as to start-up companies to handle their Merger and Acquisitions transactions.
The global experience of our Merger and Acquisition lawyers stems from their handling of a variety of merger and acquisition cases that they have completed with skill and high professionalism, and they can successfully handle simple to complex Merger and Acquisition transactions, and they represent:

Our M&A lawyers after consultation takes note all relevant details and aspects of the case to put their interests in a safe and secure position along with good results that satisfy clients.We also regularly advise domestic and international companies from multiple sectors including private equity firms, domestic and cross-border transactions, industry sectors and more on mergers and acquisitions matters. We have expertise to handle contested and negotiated mergers and acquisitions, restructurings, asset purchases and sales, and other types of mergers and acquisitions. We are proud of our strategies in mergers and acquisitions, which has always been a  success for companies from all over the world, and because we exceed the expectations of our clients, a strong bond based on respect and trust has developed between us and our clients. including boards of directors, shareholders, buyers and sellers, investors and other notable individuals.

Merger – In this type , the merger is approved by the boards of directors of two companies and approved by the respective shareholders. In this case, the acquiring company will not exist after the merger because it becomes part of the acquiring company.

Acquisitions - The majority stake in the acquired company will go to the acquiring company without changing the name and legal structure of the first company.
Consolidation - With this type of merger and acquisition, two companies combine their core businesses to create a new company.
Bidding Submission - A company acquires another company by purchasing shares of the acquired company.
Asset Acquisitions - This type of merger and acquisition is common for companies facing bankruptcy where one company will directly acquire the assets of the other company

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