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Best Franchise Agreement Consultants in the United Arab Emirates

Franchising is generally considered to be a stressful and difficult process, which requires proper professional advice from legal advisors, to give clear and effective strategies. Seeking franchise advice from our lawyers who are experts in franchise law will give you a clear understanding of the potential risks involved and the way forward. At FHS, our franchise lawyers have a comprehensive understanding of the relevant laws guiding franchise agreements both locally and internationally. Our team has assisted dozens of franchise clients in the UAE and around the world and assisted them with some of the most complex issues arising in the franchise sector. On Franchise, we have so far provided our legal service to some of the start-ups and well know companies from various sectors, including automobiles, technology, cafes, restaurants, fitness, retail, fashion, and others. Since franchising in the Middle East and specifically in UAE is a quite popular and a profitable sector, our franchise lawyers guide our clients in draft agreements such as Franchise Agreement, Franchise Disclosure Document, Contracts, Liability Protection, Non-Compete Agreements, Warranties, etc. With a strong team of franchise lawyers, we can handle franchise relationships, supply chain management, licensing and distribution, formation, structuring, and other franchise-related matters.

.1. Product Distribution Franchise – where the franchisee distributes the franchisors products.  

2. Franchise Business Format – In this type of franchising, the franchisor provides to the franchisee not just its trade name, products, and services, but an entire system for operating the business.

There are three main conditions that a franchise must meet, according to the UAE Federal Ministry of Economy.

•The franchisor must be a UAE national or an entity wholly owned by a UAE national.

• The franchise agreement shall be exclusive to all or part of the United Arab Emirate.

• The franchise agreement must be well documented

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